7. Rebecca's story during Covid

Rebecca's story - 4/5/2020 KGH – Elective C-section.

I Just wanted to share my experience, at KGH, for an elective section, on 4th May 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown. It was an extremely positive one, I felt well looked after from the second I walked in, to the second I walked out.

When I arrived I was taken to the admittance bay; all arrivals now on the same day are being kept together from start to finish which is reassuring as you know you are limiting contact outside those people. We all had a COVID test and whilst I didn’t actually get the results I assume a week on they were negative, and so was everyone else’s or I’d have been contacted. We all also had our own midwife who was with us all day.

The section experience itself was fine - they gave me plenty of time to contact my husband (25 mins) to let him know I was on my way to theatre. Two midwives walked me to the theatre. One then went to get my partner from reception and brought him in. He stayed with me until the end of the recovery time. All the theatre staff and midwives were really supportive; and whilst they were in full PPE I didn’t feel it made things scar; in fact, to be honest, it was more reassuring than anything.

Once back on the ward, obviously I couldn’t move at first so had full hands on support with breastfeeding and with the baby, until I could get out of bed. All meds and checks were done at the right times and they checked with me at every stage that I was ok to have close contact, etc. They also kept checking if I wanted to continue skin to skin or dress her; in the end I had about 6 hours skin to skin, before they dressed her in an outfit which I chose.  I was then able to get up.

At no point did I feel the staff were trying to keep distant in any way except for safety. They were quite happy to be hands on or off as much as I wanted; and honestly it was nice not having visitors when we were all trying to recover and bond with our babies. I’d personally say a policy of immediate family only and maybe in a visiting area moving forward would be better, but I know others may not agree.

We spent one night as an inpatient in the end and I was keen to come home; but they did offer me the option of another night if I felt I wanted it. So anyone who worries they may end up leaving before they’re ready, don’t be.

Overall it was a much nicer / calmer experience than I was expecting and definitely better than my first emergency section!

Emily Joy  was born on the 4th May 2020 

7. Rebecca's story during Covid