Healthy Eating

As well as eating a balanced diet you are advised to:

  • Take a daily vitamin D supplement during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding to support your baby’s bone development.
  • Take a daily folic acid supplement for the first three months of your pregnancy to support your baby’s spinal development.

If your diet has been lacking or you have poor eating habits, it is time to start thinking about changing what you eat. If you need advice or assistance with understanding how to eat a balanced diet, talk to your midwife or health visitor.

Click here to see the NHS healthy diet in pregnancy guide which offers a wealth of information. 

There’s also a link on this website to a scheme called Healthy Start.” This scheme provides vouchers which can be exchanged for milk and vegetables for pregnant women and families who qualify for the scheme. You may also qualify for coupons which can be exchanged for vitamins. For further information about Healthy Start vouchers, please click here.

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