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NHS Parliamentary Award 2019 Nomination

NHS Northamptonshire Local Maternity Systems (LMS) and Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust nominated for NHS Parliamentary Award 2019 for the category ‘Health Equalities Award.

The nomination is for the Whose Shoes? engagement campaign between Northamptonshire LMS and Kettering General Hospital Maternity Services.

The Whose Shoes? events were aimed at local parents of babies and toddlers, as well as maternity service clinicians.

The north of county event was held in Corby on 19th June 2018. There was an excellent attendance by services users with babies and toddlers and maternity staff from Corby and Kettering.

The workshops brought these groups together to discuss experiences of maternity services in Northamptonshire and they were well attended by both parents and clinicians, such as Midwives and Heads of Midwifery Services.

The Whose Shoes? events were facilitated through a fun interactive board game that incorporated key questions and encouraged discussion in a relaxed environment. The game was a great way of promoting discussion and pulling out common themes from attendees.

The focus of the workshops was ensuring the key values of maternity services were always at the heart of change management and sessions were designed to be highly interactive and inclusive.

As well as playing the game and discussing experiences, those who attended the event were asked to write a pledge based on what they had learned on the day. A graphic artist was able to use the discussions and themes to create an infographic to summarise the events.

Some of the topics discussed during the event included; understanding stillbirth, valuing staff, improving communication, developing community services, use of medical terminology, continuity of care, building relationships, self-preparation and different cultural groups.

Themes from the discussions were recorded, as they progressed, on a large display in text and pictures, and presented for all to see. This information will form the basis for action plans to align local maternity services for Corby and Kettering to the Better Birth themes.

NHS Parliamentary Award 2019 Nomination