Local Community Hubs

As part of the transformation of our local maternity services, we will be linking antenatal and postnatal care into children’s and community centres across Northamptonshire.

The hubs will be situated in locations which support the needs of pregnant women and families.   The antenatal and postnatal services will run alongside other services offered to pregnant women and their families, such as financial and employment advice support clinics; food banks; breastfeeding advice; stop smoking and healthy living support; baby weighing clinics – the models will focus on the localised needs of our service users.  

We are in the process of working with public health services and Northampton County Council (NCC) to establish locations that best serve our local population.

As we start identifying suitable children’s centres, we will start rolling out the community hubs to support maternity care.

Look out for further details on this website and the KGH and NGH hopital websites..