Northampton General Hospital (NGH) NHS Trust

Midwife Led Unit (MLU) – Barratt Birth Centre

Northampton General Hospital (NGH) NHS Trust has a Midwife Led Unit (MLU) called the ‘Barratt Birth Centre.’ The birth centre has four birthing rooms, three of which have pools. Each room has a kitchenette and double beds. MLU’s offer a relaxed environment designed to offer a more relaxing and homely setting. This birthing option is available for pregnant women who are healthy and have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. NGH offers an assessment at 36 weeks to confirm suitability to give birth in the MLU. You can find further information about the Barratt Birth Centre by following this link.

If this is a birthing option you would like to be considered for please talk to your midwife. Having your baby at the MLU is available to all pregnant women regardless of whether you live in Northampton, Kettering or any other location in Northamptonshire.

Further information about birthing choices is also available on the NHS A-Z website.