Your local Single Point of Access (SPA)

Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NHS Foundation Trust and Northampton General Hospital (NGH) NHS Trust are in the process of developing a model for a Single Point of Access (SPA). This is currently at the concept phase. The ambition is to provide a 24 hour emergency telephone and outpatient service for women who are 14 weeks pregnant and over. It will be staffed by triage midwives and will be at a location/s in Northamptonshire which is yet to be agreed.

The triage midwives will provide telephone advice to women experiencing problems relating to their pregnancy such as bleeding, feeling unwell, pain, blood pressure problems and baby not moving.

You may be asked to attend triage for a review following the telephone consultation or given advice to see your GP, community midwife or self-care at home.

You will be advised to telephone back if you have any more concerns, questions or if support is required.

When you go into labour you will be able to call your local SPA or your chosen maternity unit.

In the meantime, please continue to liaise with your midwife.