Second Trimester:

Flutters & Kicks

The second trimester lasts from week 13 to week 28 of pregnancy. During this period you’ll start to experience flutters – these are the first detectable movements of your baby. Most women first become aware of these tiny movements when they are 18-20 weeks pregnant.

If by 24 weeks you have never felt your baby move, contact your midwife who can check your baby’s heartbeat. Typically, a first time pregnant woman will experience these flutters later than second time mums-to-be.  By the end of this stage, baby will have formed taste buds, fingerprints and immature lungs and grown some hair.   Baby will about 30cm long.

A second scan will be offered between 18-21 weeks. This is called an “anomaly scan” as it checks whether your baby is developing as he/she should.

During this period of your pregnancy you will be contacted by the Children’s 0-19 Services at Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust (NHFT).  For further details about the Children’s 0-19 Services please click here.