Milk and You Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire LMNS works closely with The Milk & You project, which aims to give families access to excellent infant feeding support by working together with health and social care professionals, providing parents with a safe, supportive and equitable service.

Working as part of the Integrated Care System, Milk and You is a breastfeeding support group committed to listening to women and their families. They learn from community and partner organisations to sustain a county wide peer support service, which helps to support the increase in breastfeeding rates across Northamptonshire.

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Milk&You support with:

  • Breastfeeding peer support, which contributes to more women initiating and maintaining breastfeeding (at 10-14 days and 6-8 weeks) and raising awareness of support available to mothers across the county. Recruiting enough Breastfeeding Peer Supporters to deliver infant feeding education and support to women and their partners.
  • Improving emotional wellbeing of mothers and maternal mental health outcomes through ensuring relevant care and referral pathways are in place and implemented. Recruiting MUM Support volunteers and Parent Befrienders to provide a safe, supportive environment in groups, in public and at home where mental health illness can be talked about without judgment and mothers can be referred to mental health services in a timely manner.
  • Working towards reduction of smoking in pregnancy, time of delivery and postnatal, thereby improving outcomes for mothers and babies.