Personalised Care and Support Plan


What is personalised care? 

The NHS wants everyone using maternity services to receive safe, personalised care. Personalised care plan maternity means that care is centred around the unique needs and circumstances of each individual using maternity services and their baby. It also means that they have had genuine choice about the care they receive, informed by impartial information. 

A Personal care and support plan helps you to explore, understand and record your individual choices for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Decisions regarding care should be made in partnership with your maternity team and those close to you (such as family and friends). Midwives and doctors can offer advice but this is your pregnancy and your birth and it’s important that you feel at the centre of your care and are aware of all the choices available to you.

The result of these conversations is a personalised care and support plan. This will set out the decisions they have made about the care and support to be received throughout pregnancy and birth. The plan will cover antenatal care, labour and birth as well as postnatal care. It should be reviewed by the midwife and/or obstetrician with women at every contact or appointment and updated if anything changes.

The below links wil help support you with planning your care:

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